Meme Me Up, Scotty

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May 6, 2013

Meme Me Up, Scotty

In celebration of having 4,000,000 fans on Facebook, let's have a "make-a-meme" contest.

In celebration of reaching 4,000,000 fans on Facebook, let’s have a “make-a-meme” contest!  Here’s how to participate: Using the image of me playing the role of “CAPTAIN” Sulu of the Excelsior as I sip my morning tea, submit your ideas for a Meme that captures what I am thinking at that very moment. Use the entry form below, and you’ll have a chance to win a personalized autographed photo!

For inspiration, here are some examples of Takei Tea moments:

meme_contest1.jpg   meme_contest2.jpg










As before, I’ll pick a few of my favorites, and the fans will decide the winner. Happy Make-A-Meme-ing!

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