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Oh Myy! 2,500,000 Fans!?!
In celebration of my 2,500,000 fans on Facebook, I thought up another contest. Submit your entry below for a chance to win an autographed collectible ALLEGIANCE card!

To celebrate my 2,500,000th fan on Facebook, I’m holding another contest. As a fan of the English language, I thought: wouldn’t it be fun to have fans make up some brand new words? As before, I’ve asked our webmaster to set up a special app so that I don’t have to scroll through thousands of Facebook comments, and so I have a way of reaching the finalists and winners.

So here’s the deal: Submit a new word, with its definition, and use it in a sentence. For example, my word submission is this:

Douchebaggery. n. the lame or pathetic acts of one or more douchebags. 
“The Tennessee legislature was up to its usual douchebaggery.”

(To those who consider the word “douchebag” to be anti-woman, I say: A useless contraption invented by men to make women feel they’re unclean? Sounds like an apt descriptor for certain individuals I’ve met.)

As before, I’ll pick a few of my favorites, and the fans will decide the winner. The winner will receive an autographed collectible ALLEGIANCE card and be publicly recognized for his or her contribution to the English language. As things go, I may use the words in my upcoming book, and it may just make it in the next edition of The Oxford English Dictionary! 

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