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Resolutions and Resolve

Dec 31, 2011

Resolutions and Resolve

How 2012 will be an important milestone for both the nation and for me personally

2012 will be a true turning point. A presidential year election will decide the direction of our country for the next four years, and perhaps more importantly, the make-up of our Supreme Court for a generation. Whatever your politics, you should have and express them–nothing is more vital to a democracy than full and robust participation.For my part, I resolve to step up my own social activism and press for marriage equality,so that more LGBT Americans can share in the status Brad and I now legally share in California, even while that same right is denied other Californians who did not have the fortune of marrying before Prop 8 passed in my home state.

For me personally, 2012 also will mark the World Premiere of Allegiance, a new musical set during World War II and the internment of Japanese Americans, including my own family 70 years ago. Allegiance is a terribly important, and also highly moving and inspired, story. It takes place during a dark chapter of our history that so few know much at all about. I have dedicated the better part of my lifetime shedding light upon this gross injustice, and I resolve in 2012 to help make Allegiance a watershed not only in American theater but also in American history and in the national consciousness when it opens in September of 2012 in San Diego’s Old Globe Theater. I hope you’ll join me there — or at least let your friends in Southern California know that this is one not to be missed.

So my plate is happily full of great work and great works, and I relish the thought of rolling up my sleeves. May you find similar fulfillment and joy in your new year.

Live long and prosper