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This Video Is Highly Disturbing

Feb 6, 2012

This Video Is Highly Disturbing

A video of a heinous attack on a defenseless man surfaced yesterday on the Internet. As disturbing as it may be, I ask you to watch and share it to take a stand against LGBT hate crimes

This video is of an brutal attack upon a diminutive man by three assailants outside a grocery store in Atlanta, who yelled “faggot” while repeatedly beating him.  Another exhorted “no faggots in Jack City.”  The video was posted yesterday to YouTube, but it was removed as too graphically violent.  I am providing the link to the original video on the Worldwide Hip Hop website.  I warn you, it is disturbing indeed

Even as the 9th Circuit in California gets ready to issue its historic opinion today on Prop 8 and same-sex marriage (more on that later), hate crimes against gays and lesbians continue to be some of the most heinous and brutal, yet underreported, of all incidents.  They occur irrespective of race, color, or socio-economic status.  And within the African American community, there continues to be deep stigma, prejudice and even hatred of LGBT persons. 

Unfortunately, this animus is encouraged by certain irresponsible religious leaders, artists, and politicians who have rejected the parallels between LGBT civil rights and minority civil rights.  It is also, sadly, fed by others’ total silence on the matter.

I could present you with a petition to sign, but it is not enough for the LGBT community or our traditional allies to voice our outrage. I call upon right-minded civic leaders in Atlanta, and leaders within the African American community nationwide, to condemn this violence and demand justice for the victim by Atlanta law enforcement. 

Speak out on the news, in the press, on Facebook and other social media, and in your churches and other places of worship. 

We can only stop the hate if you stand with us.