The Cast

Developmental Lab

New York City, May 2013

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Kenneth Lee

Mike Masaoka

Kenneth Lee feels blessed to be part of the “Allegiance” family, and humbled for the opportunity to participate in retelling this unjust chapter in American history. Theatre highlights include: Hamlet (The Pearl Theatre), Henry IV Part 1, Henry IV Part 2, Hamlet (The Shakespeare Theatre, DC), M Butterfly (Arena Stage), Snow Falling on Cedars, The Completely Fictional Utterly True Final Strange Tale of Edgar Allen Poe (Baltimore Centerstage), Hamlet (Arkansas Rep), The Suitcase Trilogy (Ma-Yi Theatre), Trying to Find Chinatown, How We Talk in South Boston (

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Katie Boren


Katie is thrilled to join this extraordinary company in the telling of a story that needs to be told. Credits include Lysistrata Jones, …Spelling Bee, Avenue Q, Miss Saigon. Katie is a member of AEA and is a proud graduate of Ithaca College. To my family, friends and D, to whom I owe everything, I send you endless love and gratitude. To Minna, I thank you for keeping my dreams possible.  To Dustin, you are my favorite  “unlikely proposition.” To Mom and Dad, I owe it all.

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Marcus Choi

Frankie Suzuki

FRANKIE SUZUKI is a law student turned activist, interned at Heart Mountain. At camp he meets Kei and the Kimura family. Frankie’s desire to protect Kei clashes quickly with his need to speak out against the injustice of their incarceration, and in particular the irony of the draft, where young Japanese American men are sent to fight while their families remain behind bars. His activism puts him squarely against Masaoka and his protégé Sammy, causing a rift between the Kimura siblings that could last a lifetime.

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Paul Nakauchi

as Tatsuo Kimura

TATSUO KIMURA is the patriarch of the Kimura family and owns a successful farm in Salinas, which he has run for more than 20 years.  When the Army forces them out of their home to the wastelands of Heart Mountain, Wyoming, Tatsuo watches as his authority and position are undermined and his family is torn apart by political strife.  His principled answers to the “Loyalty Questionnaire” set a fateful series of events in motion that tear his family apart and cost him nearly all he has.