The most popular questions about Allegiance

When is Allegiance coming to Broadway?

Our hope is to bring Allegiance to New York City and open on Broadway sometime during the 2013-14 season. This will be highly dependent on theater availability.

When will tickets go on sale?

Once a theater and opening date are announced, tickets will go on sale within a few months of the first performance. Priority will go first to fans of our Facebook page and other special promotional offers, and then to the general public.

How can I help support the show?

Fans can help by becoming Allegiance Ambassadors, spreading the word about the show, and taking their friends to see it! People who wish to become backers of the show may contact us at info@allegiancemusical.com.

Are you auditioning for roles in Allegiance?

We will hold auditions for the Broadway run of Allegiance sometime in 2013 in New York City. Please check Playbill and with your agent for announcements.

Will the show change much from the Old Globe Production?

At each stage of its development, Allegiance has undergone a transformation as we continue to improve upon the story and music. There will be new songs added and old songs cut from the most recent Old Globe Production, but it will still be the same basic story about a family uprooted from their home and struggling to cope with the great injustice of the internment.

When will there be a cast recording of Allegiance?

Presently there is not a cast recording available. Certain songs may be released in advance of our Broadway Opening, and a cast album representing the Broadway production will be available shortly after the show opens.

Is the sheet music for Allegiance available yet?

Sheet music will become available for certain songs around the time of the show’s opening on Broadway.

Is there a DVD of Allegiance available?

A high definition video was taken for archival and fundraising purposes during one performance of Allegiance at The Old Globe. This video is not available to the public but can be viewed by potential investors upon request. Eventually, the production might produce and release a DVD of the show once it has neared completion of its first year on Broadway.

Will the cast from the Old Globe Production open the show on Broadway?

Many of our cast members from the Old Globe Production are expected to open the show on Broadway, including Lea Salonga, George Takei and Telly Leung. A full cast announcement will be made following final auditions.

Will there be a production near my hometown?

Once Allegiance opens on Broadway, we will begin planning of an International Tour of the show which will include several major cities in North America.