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From the Creators

From the Creators

A foreword on the conception of Allegiance

In fall of 2008, we were seated by complete coincidence by George Takei and his husband Brad at an Off-Broadway show, where a brief conversation revealed a mutual love of theater.  By a second and truly divine coincidence, the very next day we were seated again by George and Brad at the Broadway show, In The Heights.  At intermission, we approached George, curious as to why he had been so emotionally affected by the father’s song in which he laments his inability to help his daughter in her time of need.  George explained to us that it reminded him of his own father’s frustration at his inability to help his family during their internment at the Rohwer Relocation Center in Arkansas.  Over the course of that intermission, George recounted his personal experience as a child in the internment camps of America, and we immediately recognized that what we had just heard was the seed of a profoundly human, great American story that had yet to be told on the Broadway stage. 

Allegiance was born that day.

Jay Kuo & Lorenzo Thione